The Secret to Natural Face Lift – the Face Yoga Method

Are you getting worried because your face is losing firmness? Your smile wrinkles are becoming more and more obvious, gravity is pulling your face down and your skin is turning some dull color?

If you can relate to this, I have good news for you. You don’t have to watch your beautiful face change into something you don’t like at all. You can actually do something about it. You can start turning the aging process.

With facial exercises, it is possible to look better at 50 than you did at 42.

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Change your face, change your life!

What is the Face Yoga Method?

Facial exercises are growing in popularity. We could say that there exist different “schools” of face yoga exercises. All those schools have developed different facial exercise techniques, some also include massage and pressure points.

Different techniques of face yoga can be compared to different types of body workouts: some you like more, others you like less. Some are more tailored to your needs, others not so much.

Similarly, some schools of facial exercises are more successful in rejuvenating the face, others less.

However, there is one truth shared by all types of exercise: if you don’t do them, you won’t see the result.

Today I want to present to you one of the facial exercise techniques, the Face Yoga Method, which is basically a comprehensive anti-aging approach developed by Fumiko Takatsu.

Fumiko was born in Japan in 1968. When she was 38, she had a terrible car accident. Her recovery was long and it left permanent consequences: an asymmetrical face and low self-confidence.

She knew that exercises helped her body heal from the accident, so she decided to try facial exercises to improve the condition of her face. She developed a comprehensive set of facial exercises which helped her improve her looks and regain her confidence.

Of course, this didn’t go unnoticed – people started asking her how she managed to transform her face. As a result, she wrote a book on facial exercises, which was so successful that it was soon translated into other languages. Eventually, Fumiko quit her teaching job to become… a face yoga teacher.

Does the Face Yoga Method Work?

Yes! Fumiko is proud to say that her face looks better now, in her 50s, than it did when she was 38. Her numerous clients who follow her method are also impressed by the results. Me included.

A few years ago, Fumiko’s Face Yoga Method was the first facial exercise program I was introduced to. However, at that time I was not too concerned about my aging face yet. I tried a few exercises here and there, just to realize that facial workout is not to be taken too lightly – muscles can burn a lot.

After some time (years), I decided that it was high time to start a regular routine – aging was already taking its toll on my face. In a panic, I bought several facial exercise programs (and spent too much money on them, of course). I realized that not all facial exercise programs were of the same quality – some were better, some were worse.

I liked Fumiko’s though because I could really feel my muscles working. For this reason, it has become one of my favorite programs (and I even decided to dedicate this blog post to it).

Does Face Yoga Cause Wrinkles?

No! People are usually more afraid of facial exercises than gravity – but in fact, it should be the other way around. If you are disciplined, you perform your facial routine in 15 minutes every day. On the other hand, gravity is pulling your face down 24/7. Can you see who’s the bad guy?

On the other hand, there are some precautions which you should take. 

First, don’t do facial exercises if you feel that your skin is dry. You know, the kind of dry that you feel that your skin is being pulled? It’s not advisable to not moisturize such skin even if you don’t do any facial exercises at all. But if you do, make sure you apply some moisturizer or spray your face with mist. Only then proceed with the exercises.

Second, be super careful with your eye area. I am sure you have heard it all before: the skin under your eyes is very thin and sensitive. It can be damaged easily.

However, this advice was something I had to learn the hard way. I came across some facial exercises (not Fumiko’s!) for reducing the under-eye bags. This is one of my problem areas. After performing a certain exercise for a few days, not only did I not see any improvement, but I also noticed vivid under-eye wrinkles that were not there before. Panic!

Of course, I stopped doing the exercise and everything went back to normal again (luckily). So always take before and after pictures before trying any new facial routine (exercises, massage), and be attentive to any unusual or new developments.

How Can I Tighten My Face Naturally?

Facial exercises are the best way to tighten your face naturally. If you do them regularly (for best results, every day), the following happens:

  • Face muscles get tighter. Similarly as in our bodies, muscles get weaker and weaker if we don’t use them. The face has around 60 muscles and while some are over-used, the others are underused – it is important to perform exercises targeted on these specific underused areas.
  • Improved circulation. A thermographic camera shows that after performing some simple facial exercises, the temperature in the face increases dramatically. Better circulation also means a better oxygen flow, more nutrients access the face, which results in younger-looking skin.

Other face yoga benefits:

  • Higher, more defined cheeks,
  • Plumper, more defined lips,
  • Bigger eyes
  • Reduced forehead lines,
  • Reduced double chin,
  • Reduced nasolabial folds
  • More defined face line.

How Do I Get a Defined Jawline?

When it comes to facial exercises, the result that people want the most is a more defined jawline.

They do not want wobbling skin, double chin, and an undefined face line.

In this section, I am going to share one of Fumiko’s exercises, just so that you can get a taste of what her exercises look and feel like.

You have to promise though that you will do it with me!

The exercise is called the Swan Neck

Its benefits of the Swan Neck facial exercise are the following:

It tightens up your neck and jawline

It prevents a sagging neck and double chin

Key points:

After the exercise, make sure to smile to smooth out all the lines.

First look in the direction of the exercise, only then perform the exercise.

Keep your forehead relaxed.

facial exercises for women, facial exercises, face exercises, face yoga, face yoga method
Swan Neck will help you get a more defined jawline.

The exercise:

  1. Look up to the right at a 45-degree angle, turn your head in the same direction.
  2. Pucker your mouth and move it to the right.
  3. Feel the stretch on the left side of your neck.
  4. Hold for 5 seconds.
  5. Come back to the center.
  6. Repeat on the left side.

Pick Your Problem Area And Start Practicing

I am sure that you have become as excited about facial exercises as I am! 

Facial exercises have become my routine. Since my mornings are too frantic, I have managed to develop an evening routine. This means that while watching TV, I perform exercises one by one. This not only relaxes my face, but it’s also a great routine before getting into bed.

So which are your problem areas? has prepared a comprehensive face yoga program that covers all facial areas. It’s called 6 Week Face Toning Bootcamp. For best results, I recommend you decide on this program.

However, you can also join individual programs focused on specific areas of the face. Here are the programs available to you:

Eye Jumpstart: Symmetrical eyes and Droopy eyelids

Neck & Jawline Jumpstart

Mouth and Cheeks Jumpstart

Of course, Fumiko did not forget those on a tight budget and the ones that are not really sure if face yoga is for them. You can buy her Ultimate Guide to The Face Yoga Method Ebook or get a taste of her exercises for free – you can enter your e-mail and receive a pdf with 5 Free Face Yoga Poses.

Dear face yogi, I am excited to see your results!

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