Sleep And Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss? Have you tried countless diets, and workouts that didn’t work? 

Then let me tell you about an after-dinner ritual that can free you of the overbearing stress, anxiety, and depression and help you finally lose weight and fit into your desired dress size in just weeks. 

With the help of this ritual, you will be joining sleep and weight loss, making you healthier and slimmer during the night.

What is this powerful health transforming ritual that turns everything you thought possible about weight loss, metabolism, aging, and the human body upside down?

sleep and weight loss, growth hormone and sleep, shallow sleep syndrome
Getting enough sleep is important for health.

Let me be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with diets, drugs, food restriction or deprivation of any kind, any weird berry pills powders or even any form of exercise. I promise you, this is something completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before. However, this does have to do with the one thing I guarantee you’re doing every single day that determines your health, weight loss, metabolism, appearance, and even life expectancy.

Evidence shows that losing weight is literally impossible no matter what or how little you eat or how many hours you exercise. Uncontrollable weight gain, premature aging, rapidly deteriorating health and early death are virtually inevitable. 

With the ritual I am about to share with you, you will not only be able to lose weight, but also keep it off for good without any change of your diet or even a single minute of exercise. You will be able to  completely restore and resurrect your energy, making you look and feel younger, and reverse every single symptom of age and disease. 

Sleep and Weight Loss – Practically Inseparable

Medical journals, articles and scientific studies show that lack of sleep is way more serious than people realize. It doesn’t just make you look and feel like complete crap, sleep deprivation – meaning less than 7 hours of sleep per night – is a modern plague sweeping across the country causing more harm to well over seventy million Americans. 

The science shows that sleep deprivation puts you at much higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, depression, cancer and virtually every other disease there is. 

However, sleep deprivation is not the only problem associated with sleep. 

There is also the shallow sleep syndrome, which means you’re not getting nearly enough deep sleep, which is by far the most important and the most regenerative phase of sleep. When it comes to sleep, the number of hours you sleep at night is meaningless compared to the amount of deep sleep you get. Deep sleep impacts the performance of your entire body, including your immune system, your brain, your heart, and especially your metabolism.

sleep and weight loss, growth hormone and sleep, shallow sleep syndrome
Sleep deprivation and shallow sleep result in poor health and weight gain.

This specific phase of deep sleep alone determines how fast you age, how difficult it is for you to lose weight, it impacts your appearance as a whole, your memory, and your susceptibility to disease more than anything else.

Your body naturally goes through an unparalleled restorative process during deep sleep called metabolic regeneration. Basically everything good, everything positive, everything that matters when it comes to your health regenerates during deep sleep.

Growth Hormone and Sleep

In the regeneration phase, a very important body hormone is produced, called the growth hormone. Its main task is to repair your body, including your brain. With the help of the growth hormone, your brain cells regenerate, and proteins are cleaned out allowing you to maintain memory and to optimize cognitive function. Most importantly, this 100% naturally occurring hormone is widely considered to be the Fountain of Youth by anti-aging doctors and celebrities because.

The growth hormone has the ability to: 

  • Turn back the clock,
  • Erase fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark circles and bags under the eyes, 
  • Restore firmness and elasticity to even the saggiest skin, 
  • Renew thickness, texture, and natural color of hair, 
  • Restore energy, 
  • Rev libido, 
  • Enhance vision, 
  • Strengthen and tone lean muscle, 
  • Automatically melt body fat, and 
  • Turbo-boost metabolism.

The Shallow Sleep Syndrome

However, the common condition of not getting enough deep sleep is called shallow sleep syndrome. The natural production and release of the human growth hormone are obliterated, which is why you get resistant to diet and exercise along with an increased vulnerability to a vast number of diseases. 

What’s more bad news is that a lack of deep sleep magically elevates your belly fat storing hormone cortisol. Cortisol turns whatever food you eat, whether it’s healthy or not, into the most dangerous form of fat, visceral fat, and then deposits it directly under your stomach.

This doesn’t just expand your waist. If you can reach down and grab a few inches of visceral fat or more around your belly region, it’s already constraining your most vital organs.

To make things even more difficult, a lack of deep sleep stops the release of your appetite suppressant hormone leptin. As a result, you get cravings that are really hard to resist.

Obviously, a lack of deep sleep is something we need to avoid at all costs.

However, here’s the incredibly alarming part: even if you think you sleep well because you’re in bed and asleep, you are probably not getting anywhere near the deep sleep needed to truly rebuild health and restore metabolism. A recent study shows that shallow sleep syndrome is the one common denominator in every woman and man over the age of 40 who is unable to lose weight with a calorie-restricted diet and exercise plan.

Deep sleep is responsible for everything we need to dramatically improve our health, appearance, and fat burning metabolism.

sleep and weight loss, growth hormone and sleep, shallow sleep syndrome
Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

What is causing this shallow sleep syndrome epidemic?

There are two main reasons. 

The first is age. With age, we witness a natural decline in deep. 

The second reason is much less obvious. It’s absolutely decimating the restorative deep sleep of women and men of all ages. Simply put, it’s the stress and technology. Our modern lifestyle is wreaking absolute havoc on our physiological ability to achieve that precious deep sleep that we need so badly.  

By the time any of us reach our forties, most people are only using about 10% of their body’s regenerative and metabolic power. Some of us use even less. However, we naturally possess more fat burning and healing potential than we could ever need.

How Can We Unleash our Restorative Potential?

There exist powerful nutrients that can give you your deep sleep back. While they are mildly beneficial on their own, yet you’ll be absolutely amazed by the powerful synergistic effect you experience when you take each of them at the same time as.

So which are these scientifically proven nutrients? They include natural resource melatonin, which is proven to help you get to sleep faster and increase the duration of your deep sleep. 

Another is a rare East Indian ashwagandha plant which is proven to decrease stress cortisol and anxiety while promoting a relaxed state. 

An important nutrient is natural amino acid hydroxytryptophan, a specific form of which has proven to enhance the effects of melatonin and to improve the quality and duration of deep sleep. 

Additionally, l-theanine is a powerful phytonutrient that has been used by the Japanese for centuries and has proven to put you in a relaxed state. It introduced longer and more restful sleep while significantly increasing the overall duration of deep sleep. 

Magnesium along with zinc, when taken together with the other nutrients, is proven to significantly improve quality of deep sleep. 

To summarize, there exists a cocktail of natural nutrients which can, taken in precisely the right dosages and at the right time, provide you with deep sleep. And with it comes more energy, and better health through metabolic regeneration. 

People who take the nutrients, branded under the name Resurge, as instructed, immediately start to reverse all the terrible health problems. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to fall asleep easily and wake up feeling vibrant and full of energy? On top of that, it would be great to feel lighter as the pounds start disappearing overnight. 

Are you ready for this big positive change in your life? Are you ready to feel more energetic, be healthier, look younger, and get your ideal waistline without any effort whatsoever? 

Click here to learn the terrible story of the inventor of Resurge, John. May his story inspire you to make the necessary positive changes in your life.

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