Remove Years Off Your Face With This Japanese Facial Massage

We are all looking for that beauty secret which will make us look years younger.

Maybe you are trying to find that perfect beauty skin product, maybe you have tried facial massage in the past or even facial exercise.
Let me tell you that you are on the right path. Beauty starts with care – the more you care for yourself, the more it will be seen in your beautiful face.

Today I am presenting you a Japanese face massage invented by Japanese esthetician Megumi Setoguchi. Considering that she looks like she is in her 20s, while in fact, she is 45 years old, her routine is obviously worth copying (I am attaching her video below).

Megumi realized that we carry a lot of tension in our forehead, and tension leads to wrinkles over time. Additionally, our cheeks tend to retain excess liquid, which makes us look puffy and interferes with the shape of our face. For this reason, it is important to massage our face every day to remove the tension and drain excess fluid.

When it comes to face massage, two things need to be remembered: 
  • Applying pressure does not create wrinkles
  • Pulling your skin causes friction and creates wrinkles – because of that, always moisturize your skin well before massaging it so that your hands will glade without any friction. You can use some oil that will not clog your pores or any other moisturizer.
Your massage tool will primarily be the meatiest part of your palm (the part under your thumb).
For drainage, you will use your fingers.


The sequence of massage: You will start between the eyebrows, then you will massage your forehead above the eyebrows, after that you will move to the cheekbones and end your massage on the nose.


Releasing Pressure

With the meatiest part of your palm, apply firm pressure between your eyebrows. Push upwards and hold for 5 seconds.

Then, make a circular motion, landing your palm a little bit higher on your forehead than where you began. Slowly spiral your way up until you reach the beginning of your hairline.

Now repeat the same procedure on your forehead above both eyebrows. After you have finished, move to the temple.

Now it’s time to move to your cheekbones and start applying pressure. Then, make circular motions but do not spiral away to the sides, instead, place your palms on different parts of the cheeks and make individual circles.


After you have released the pressure from your face, drain excess fluid from your cheeks. Apply your index fingers to both sides of the nose, cup your face with your hands and start draining from the nose to the sides of the face.
And you are done! You can start your day refreshed and rejuvenated, and it took you only a few minutes to perform this simple but effective massage.
For best results, perform this massage every day.
To make things easier for you, I am also attaching a video where the massage is performed by its author, Megumi Setoguchi.

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