Secret to Natural Face Lift with 4 Acupressure Points

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is “the heart visible on the outside”. So why don’t we make our visible heart as glowing and healthy as possible?
A facelift is one of the most common procedures nowadays, but did you know you can actually tighten your face naturally?
The method that you are about to learn will only take a few moments of your time, but the benefits that you get are ENORMOUS.
So sometimes by doing little things we can reap great benefits.
This natural face lift ritual will also take you back to the present moment, it will make you more relaxed and give you energy.

Droopy eyelids, under-eye bags, sunken cheekbones, nasolabial folds, droopy corners of the mouth, bags under the chin may all be the consequence of blockages in the stomach meridian, which crosses the breasts and influences their appearance as well.
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Botox is not the only solution to your problems.

How Do Pressure Points Work?

Stimulation of four points of the stomach meridian is the secret of all anti-aging face massage due to its powerful lifting effect – it is used in the Japanese face massage, the Ayurvedic massage, acupuncture lifting as well as in beauty rituals of the Chinese medicine.
The pressure points not only work against gravity – but they also heat the muscles in the chin, the circular mouth muscle, the nasal muscles, the cheek muscles, and the round eye muscles – which are filled with blood and oxygen, invigorating them, lifting them up and giving them volume.
The skin responds as well, the lymph is drained, enabling the regeneration of tissue, and increased production of the hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen take place.

You can press these points each morning and evening to clear the lymph and prevent it from accumulating, or any time during the day when you feel tired and drained.

How do you activate a pressure point?

Many people believe that they need to see a professional to get the right acupressure treatment. They are afraid that they could do more harm than good because they don’t know where to find the pressure points.
However, this is far from the truth. Your body will respond much better to you than to some stranger. Likewise, the pressure points are not difficult to locate – usually, your finger will find a natural hollow, which is actually a pressure point.
To activate a pressure point, press on it with your finger, and maintain firm pressure for the count of ten. You might feel a little discomfort or even pain. This is actually a sign that you are pressing an acupressure point.
This massage may serve as a quick fix to instantly improve your looks or as a long-term method to prevent aging and sagging of the face.

Acupressure Point 1

Acupressure point ST6 is located on the jawline. It is also used for toothache, unwanted twitching of face muscles, and facial pain.
Place your fingertips on the corners of your mouth and take them down to the chin. The point is located on the spot where you would usually see jowls.
Press into the chin bone with force, count to 10 and repeat 4 times.

Acupressure Point 2

Acupressure point ST4 helps with facial pain, toothache, eye twitching, deviation of mouth from a stroke.
Relax the corners of the mouth. Press on them with force and lift them up gently. Hold to the count of 10, repeat 4 times.

Acupressure Point 3

Acupressure point ST3 has a similar use as the other two, interestingly, it can also help you if your knee is swollen.
Move your fingertips upwards and travel to the lower part of the cheekbone. Press on it upwards. Press and hold to the count of ten, repeat 4 times.

Acupressure Point 4

Acupressure point ST2 can help you treat any eye problem.
With your fingertips, travel to the last point located in the middle of the under-eye area, on the bone under the eyeball. Press and hold like before, repeat 4 times.
Include this powerful natural face lift ritual in your personal beauty secrets and start looking younger and more glowing every day.
If you want to learn more about acupressure points, read my article Five Acupressure Points You Should Know.

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