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Remove Years Off Your Face With This Japanese Facial Massage

We are all looking for that beauty secret which will make us look years younger.

Maybe you are trying to find that perfect beauty skin product, maybe you have tried facial massage in the past or even facial exercise.
Let me tell you that you are on the right path. Beauty starts with care – the more you care for yourself, the more it will be seen in your beautiful face.

Today I am presenting you a Japanese face massage invented by Japanese esthetician Megumi Setoguchi. Considering that she looks like she is in her 20s, while in fact, she is 45 years old, her routine is obviously worth copying (I am attaching her video below).

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TANAKA Face Massage

Working some circular motions over the contours of your face brings major benefits for your overall complexion.  If you are not using any facial massage technique yet, start as soon as possible. I advise you to perform facial massage as often as twice a day. 



Why is face massage important?

The face has over 40 muscles. Some of them are overworked, others lose volume with years because they are not used enough.
With massage, you are relaxing and toning your muscles. Moreover, massage moves the energy in your face, addresses sinus issues, and reduces puffiness with lymphatic drainage.
 It also gives your skin stimulation, which increases circulation and draws blood to the surface to give you a refreshed appearance and feel.
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Drain, drain, drain to look younger


Benefits of Lymph Drainage Massage

In the morning, your face might look puffy. Why is that?

During the night, your body is regenerating and eliminating toxins. The lymph has the task to eliminate the toxins from your body, however, there is no bodily organ to get the lymph going.

For example, the blood is moved by the heart so that the cells can get nutrients and oxygen. Unfortunately, there is nothing to move the lymph to make toxin elimination faster.

What Happens if You Don’t Massage the Face?

If you don’t massage your face at all or you don’t do any vigorous exercises in the morning, it will take some time for the lymph to clean the body. This will result in a puffy face and… sagging.
The extra fluid in your face is heavy, the gravity is active 24/7 anyway, which accelerates the aging process.
Fortunately, most of us apply face cream in the morning, which provides for some sort of massage (and draining). However, with the Tanaka face massage, you can improve your appearance significantly.

Activating your muscles every day can help create a more toned appearance in the long term. Key times to perform your massage are before you go to bed at night and first thing in the morning.

Who Invented Tanaka Face Massage?

The Tanaka massage method was invented by 田中宥久子 Yukuko Tanaka), a Japanese makeup artist. According to her, this massage method gives an at-least-10-year-younger looking face and if you start this massage method early in age, you may not even develop wrinkles and fine lines.
You can do it with no oils and creams, and if you like, olive, coconut oil, and almond oil are also a good substitute.

How Do You Give Yourself Tanaka Face Massage?


1. Apply some moisturizer on your face, you don’t want friction while performing the massage. The cream you normally use or some oil that won’t clog your pores is great for this.

2. Warming-up the lymph: stroke the side of your face with three fingers from the temples to the collarbone, then from the middle of your forehead to the collarbone; both sides three times

3. Slide your fingers from the other corner of the eyes, making a circle around the eyes. Then start at the inner corner of the eyes, slide outwards, and drain downwards toward the collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

4. Massage around the mouth 3 times.
    Massage around the soft part of the nose 3 times.
    Massage the hard part of the nose 3 times.

5. With one long move from the chin, around the mouth and nose to the temples, drain excess liquid and fat from your face. Use the entire palm for maximum results. 3 times

6. Place one palm on one cheek while starting to drain the other cheek from the bottom of the cheek diagonally to the inner eye corner, then drain downward. Repeat 3 times, then do the same on the other side.

7. Drain your cheeks to the side and down.
Start at the top of your cheeks and drain with three fingers. 3 times
Move downwards and drain with your with the lower part of your palm (the base of your thumb). 3 times
Move to the corner of your mouth, bend your head downwards and drain with the bottom of your palm. 3 times
Finally, put the bottom of your palm in the middle of the chin and drain towards the ears. Make sure you are draining the entire jowl. 3 times

8. With index finger and thumb, remove all the impurities from your face. Drain from the temples to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

9. Zigzag with your fingers on your forehead, from left to right and vice versa, then drain. Repeat 3 times.

And you’re done! Enjoy your fresh and energized face!