5 Most Trending Diets in 2020

In this article, I am going to present five diet plans that people are committing to in 2020. Each diet plan includes a brief description and a link for more information.

If you have any extra pounds that you want to get rid of, please only decide on a diet that will benefit you in the long term.
When it comes to me, I know that I have found the right diet when it “clicks”, I suddenly know that this regime is precisely what I want to follow and I know that I will stick to it. To some extent, it resembles falling in love. Somehow you just “know” it’s the right one for you and you are willing to commit.

Diet No 1: The Morning Fat Melter

Do you want to lose weight but do not want to give up carbs? And do you want to have a toned and sexy body but do not want to work out more than 15 minutes a day?

Then Aline’s weight loss program is right for you. It includes simple workout routines performed every morning on an empty stomach. It has been proven that working out in the morning before breakfast is most efficient for weight loss.

After the workout, the program recommends drinking a protein drink with 4 herbs to boost your metabolism. These herbs are also included in all your meals during the day – and in fact, you ARE allowed to eat and are NOT left feeling hungry.

morning fat melter, weight loss for women over 40

Heather lost 70 pounds of fat in under 4 months!

After doing this routine every day for 30 days, do not be surprised to lose 20 lbs or more!

How it works: The Program focuses on boosting the metabolism by moderate workouts and by adding special herbs and nutrients to the diet. The diet is not only efficient, but also healthy.
Your Effort: Moderate
If you are not a morning person, this could be a problem. Otherwise, the diet requires a reasonable investment of energy and dedication to achieve a great result, even if you are in your 50s.
Final Verdict: A healthy and sustainable way to lose weight for young and older women alike. My personal favorite when it comes to weight loss. Learn more about the Morning Fat Melter.

Diet No 2: The Custom Keto Diet

We have all heard about the keto diet, right? People have been raving about it because it seems to be the quickest and most effective weight loss plan that we know of.
It has made possible people weighing 200 or 300 pounds (ca. 136 kg) to become skinny – and often with no exercise at all.
I have a positive experience with the keto diet – it helped me lose the extra pounds that I gained after my son was born. Before I tried keto, I tried all sorts of diet plans and even took up some serious exercise – with no result.
In my time of desperation, I learned about keto and committed immediately (do you remember the “love at first sight” I was talking about earlier?). And luckily, keto helped me become skinny again 💪
So why should you buy a special program for the keto plan? Aren’t people doing it on their own?
Of course, they are. But believe me, keto involves a lot of studying, doing your calculations and math. If you don’t get your numbers right, you may be in some trouble. The ketogenic diet involves food that is calorie-dense – this means that if you eat just a little too much, you will not only not lose weight, but you can gain it as well.
In the Custom Keto program, you insert all your information into their website. This part is actually free. I went ahead and inserted my data. Here are my results:

custom keto diet

Here is a part of my results.

If you buy the program, you get:
  • meal plans tailored to your needs,
  • a nutrition plan with a variety of foods,
  • detailed recipes,
  • weekly downloadable shopping lists,
  • options to customize every meal,
  • and details on what to eat every day.
How it works: Turn your diet from high-carb to low-carb and see the transformation of your body. By having on average 20g of carbs per day (instead of the usual 200g +), your insulin levels drop, allowing the body to shed fat. Insulin is the main culprit of weight gain.
Your Effort: Moderate to High
Final Verdict: The Custom Keto is designed for people who want to go all-in. The diet plan requires some effort, the foods that you will eat on the keto diet are probably not in your pantry yet, and preparing fancy meals can get expensive. On the other hand, when you commit to keto, you know that you have bought your ticket to success.
Click here if you want to learn more about the Custom Keto Diet.

Diet No 3: The Cinderella Solution

This weight loss program is one of the most popular programs among women. I have already written an entire article about the Cinderella diet. You can read it here.
Unlike the previous diet plan where you have to give up carbs almost entirely, this diet includes carbs, however, it puts them in different categories.
As a result, you are encouraged to have carbs belonging to certain categories and discouraged to have carbs from other categories.
How it works: The diet is based on carb/flavor pairing, a practice that comes from the Japanese culinary tradition. By combining certain flavors, your body will start to shed excess weight.
The diet consists of two parts: the ignite phase which promotes fat loss and re-ignites the fat-burning process (the first two weeks), and the launch phase which is easier to follow and involves steady weight loss.
The program also includes flavor-pairing cheat sheets to speed up your fat-burning journey.
cinderella solution

Once slim and full of energy, now fat and depressed. We all know who that girl is, don’t we?

Your Effort: Moderate
Final Verdict: Definitely worth a try since it is tailored to women. When buying the program, you will be invited to join the Cinderella Solution Facebook Group. A good proof that the program works are countless women who publish their results in the group every day.
Click here to learn more about the Cinderella Solution.

Diet No 4: The Flat Belly Fix

When you purchase this program, you get a downloadable e-book with instructions on the diet. Each week, you also receive a video with an exercise program.
The diet is focused on increasing the levels of your fat-burning hormone by means of capsaicin – an ingredient found in some spices which causes your fat stores to be burned as heat instead of staying glued on your hips or belly.
Capsaicin is basically the secret ingredient of this program, which helps you burn fat as well as gives you tons of energy.
How it works: This seems to be an old-school program of losing weight: combining the proper diet with the right exercise program.
Your Effort: Moderate
Final Verdict: Although the official website claims that the diet alone will bring you the results you want, it is always wise to couple a weight loss plan with some exercise for better results.
Click here if you want to learn more about the Flat Belly Fix.

Diet No 5: Eat Sleep Burn

I saved the most interesting diet for the end.
No matter which diet you decide on, the weight loss processes go on during the night. That is why it is very important that you get enough sleep each night, especially when you are trying to lose weight.
This diet plan claims that the majority of people do not get enough quality (deep) sleep each night. Lack of sleep kicks your hormones out of balance and you start gaining weight.
By purchasing this product, you get a recipe for tea that will make you sleep better and help you burn the extra fat deposits.
How it works: learn all the tips and tricks to help you improve your sleep – from sheer science to the sleep slim tea recipe. Even if you are not on a weight loss journey, you can benefit from this program by getting more restful sleep.
Your Effort: Minimal
Final Verdict: An interesting program that could kill two birds with one stone: solve your sleep problems as well as help you lose weight. Since quality sleep is required for any weight loss program, this program could also serve as an addition to another weight loss program.
Click here to learn more about Eat Sleep Burn.

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