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Ideas for Simple Keto Meals

If you can stick to your diet, you are already halfway to reaching your goal.

Try to make it work without buying new and complicated ingredients. Use whatever you already have in your pantry.

Sure, you can buy almond flour and use it in place of wheat flour – but you can cross that bridge when you get there.

Start off with dishes you already like – if you like meat, cut the side dish at the beginning. If you feel you are missing something, look up keto recipes and see what low-carb side-dishes you can choose from.

The first swap I made on keto was replacing sugar with erythritol. And that was probably the only swap I needed to make in the long-run.

If it works for you, be as minimalistic as possible. 

Below are some tips on simple meals that will make your keto journey a success.

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10 Law of Attraction Tips for a Better Life

Is the Law Of Attraction working for you or against you? I have prepared a set of 10 manifestation tips based on the well-known book by Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing. These tips will give you a new perspective on a well-known topic.

The Law of Attraction: Don’t we Already Know Everything There is to Know?

I am sure you already know a lot about manifestation. Even if you do, there is always room for improvement.
Maybe it is taking an awful long to manifest the life of your dreams. Are you unsure that you are doing it right?
To give you a new perspective on things, I listed a few tips which differ from what you are used to so you can manifest the life of your dreams.

1 Life is a Dream

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Remove Years Off Your Face With This Japanese Facial Massage

We are all looking for that beauty secret which will make us look years younger.

Maybe you are trying to find that perfect beauty skin product, maybe you have tried facial massage in the past or even facial exercise.
Let me tell you that you are on the right path. Beauty starts with care – the more you care for yourself, the more it will be seen in your beautiful face.

Today I am presenting you a Japanese face massage invented by Japanese esthetician Megumi Setoguchi. Considering that she looks like she is in her 20s, while in fact, she is 45 years old, her routine is obviously worth copying (I am attaching her video below).

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