10 Law of Attraction Tips for a Better Life

Is the Law Of Attraction working for you or against you? I have prepared a set of 10 manifestation tips based on the well-known book by Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing. These tips will give you a new perspective on a well-known topic.

The Law of Attraction: Don’t we Already Know Everything There is to Know?

I am sure you already know a lot about manifestation. Even if you do, there is always room for improvement.
Maybe it is taking an awful long to manifest the life of your dreams. Are you unsure that you are doing it right?
To give you a new perspective on things, I listed a few tips which differ from what you are used to so you can manifest the life of your dreams.

1 Life is a Dream

What you call reality is, in fact, a dream dreamed by your soul. When you wake up from a dream and realize that you were just dreaming, you can change the dream when you fall back to sleep, similarly you can wake up “in reality”, realize that everything is just a game your soul is playing, and start changing the reality.
It is not always easy to change the dream. If you ever had the experience of waking up during a nightmare, you know that you can easily lose the awareness of the nightmare being a dream the moment you fall back to sleep. This serves as proof that changing the dream is not always easy, but you can get better at it with practice.

Become an ObserverStart observing your life from a third person perspective: it will become easy to detach from unpleasant situations and to create reality on your own terms.

 2 God Lives in Every Man

Every person is directly connected to God: there is God in everyone. This means that your wish is at the same time a wish of God. Therefore, it makes no sense to ask God to fulfill your wish – know that you have the ultimate power of realizing what you wish for.
Ask nobody to do things for you, be proactive and make it happen – similarly as you have no doubts and big expectations when you check the mail in your mailbox, the same should be true for any situation: whether your goal is to get a new job, a relationship or whatever it is you want.
If you have the intention to do something, then just do it, with no unnecessary drama (in the form of emotions, such as fear, doubt, hope) which will only hold you back.

3 The World is a Mirror

Your reality reflects your deepest beliefs. Some people believe that thoughts shape our reality, and thoughts truly are powerful. However, an average person has thousands of thoughts every day and the fact is that each one cannot come into fruition. There is something in each person who goes deeper into our essence and influences our reality: these are our beliefs. A belief is a thought combined with faith: it is a thought we believe in, which gives it a special power.
Do you know what your beliefs are? Look around you, your reality will tell you what they are.

If you want to change your beliefs, start with your thoughts – stop feeding the beliefs that do not serve you with corresponding thoughts – change the thoughts, form new beliefs with fresh thoughts. 

4 Changing Reality Starts Within You

Since the world is a mirror, you cannot change reality by trying to influence the outside events – all change starts with changing your beliefs.
Do you believe that you can’t find true love? The world will agree and provide for people and circumstances which will reflect that.
Do you think you will never be rich? The mirror agrees and makes sure you are always without money.
Think of the universe as a genie in a bottle, making every belief you have true.

5 Nothing is Important

The moment you give too much importance to your goals, they will move away from you.
Know that everything you want is already on its way to you and obsessing over it will, in fact, bring you the opposite of what you want.
The more unaffected you remain, the faster your desire will come true.
If you have a desire but have so far failed to realize it, you are attaching it too much importance.
Let go of fear, hope, doubt, and any other emotion except for love and gratitude. Only when you are in a place of not caring about the result, the result will come.

6 Love Yourself

If you cannot love yourself, nobody can love you. If other people abandon or hurt you, this is proof you do not love yourself.

What can you do? It is easy to say: “Love yourself more”, but how can you do that? 
If you have a child, a pet or even a flower: someone or something you need to take care of, you know that you start to love the person or thing you are taking care of.

This is why you should start caring for yourself: work out, learn a new language or buy something nice for you – as you start to like yourself more, you will notice that other people will like you more too.

7 The World Takes Care of Me

This is one of the most important beliefs you can instill in your mind.
At the back of your mind, always have the thought the world/universe will take care of you and everything will turn out fine.
Put all of your trust in the world’s hands – like a small child knows and trusts that his or her parents will take care of him or her, similarly you are trusting the universe it will provide for you.
Look at the universe as your lover who will never let you down.
Soon you will see that you are being taken care of – circumstances change, synchronicities happen, the world is a good place again.

8 Genius Attains Its Goal

Let’s say you want to accomplish something. While you are making small steps to your goal, don’t forget to praise your work and yourself. This probably goes against what you are used to doing, but it will help you immensely if you can praise instead of criticizing your work.

Have your goal constantly in your mind: see what you want to achieve in your mind’s eye. Visualize your goal from the first-hand perspective: imagine how you feel and what you do when your goal is achieved.

Do this every day – people usually give up quickly – they visualize their goal once or twice and then lose interest.

By making the same visualization every day for a month, two months or more, you are sending a persistent message to the universe.

Be sure that the universe cannot do otherwise but fulfill your dreams.

9 Fall in Love with Money

There is a lot of money to go around – do not get stuck in the mentality of scarcity, enter the abundance mentality instead.
When you do not have enough money to buy something, postpone the purchase until later and know that money will come.
You can do a simple exercise: start collecting abandoned and lost coins in a box. Keep saying to them: “You are home, dear coins. I will take care of you, and you bring money to me. I take care of money, that is why it loves me and likes to come to me.” Try it, this small practice will do wonders for you.
Embark on a loving relationship with money.

10 Reality Creation

In the beginning, there is a wish.

A wish is just a wish, it will not come true unless you fuel it with intention.
Your intention serves as a means to bring you to a destination – let’s compare it to a car. When you have an intention, it is like getting in the car and start driving.
However, your trip will be fruitless if you don’t have a destination – your goal. Having an intention is how it starts, but you should always be focused on your goal.

Your goal is an image of your dream. Until you have arrived at your destination, always carry this image at the back of your head, visualize it daily. It will serve as a compass, don’t let go of it even if the road gets bumpy. Having a goal in mind does not mean that circumstances will be perfect, it means that you will get what you want if you don’t lose sight.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you have learned the secrets of manifestation, it is time you apply them.
Pick a tip that resonates most with you and apply it every day.
The results will come. It is a law of the Universe.

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